One Wild Year!

Today, you are one year old! How does such a small number seem so big?! I’ve always heard people say ‘time will fly’ i never even thought about this until you was born. Seriously, one minute you was born the next it’s your first birthday! Where did this year go? How did it go by so fast? How did you grow so much right before my eyes? This year has been full of tears, laughter, cheers, learning, mistakes, love and memories! We’ve grown together and have taught each other so much. I reminisce the time that’s passed and tears flood my eyes but my heart is happy. You’re first birthday is a huge milestone. Maybe because we will no longer be counting your age in months. It’s your big transition from baby to toddler. I tell you this everyday, but you are so loved! You’re daddy and i prayed long and hard for you. We would spend hours day dreaming about you, how we would want you to ride horses and play ball and love the same things we do. Here you are and you love to play ball and you love to ride! You’re everything we’ve ever prayed for and so much more. We are blessed to be your parents. Because of you, i continue to experience the greatest love I’ve ever known. You’re my wild man and your daddy and i love you more than you’ll ever know! Happy first birthday Ayden Lane Hood!

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