Meet the Barbers

It’s funny how life works, a simple twist of fate and two people who would have never thought of becoming one somehow do. Our story is something like that. We met in High School, 9th grade to be exact. Prom, we were both with other people, but in the same group, at that moment not knowing that one day we would be here, our wedding day.

Fast forward 2 years and a few months and that’s where the true story begins. A story that is as cheesy as it gets. We are now in 11th grade, football season and a few weeks away from homecoming week. But the only thing that was on my mind was the cute boy that I passed every single day leaving 4th period to go home. I mean every single day, I would smile, he would smile (and boy was that smile something). Day after day we passed each other and week after week it progressed a little at a time. Some days we waved, some days we said hi, but every day we smiled. Thank god, that the man up above loved me a little, because he made my best guy friend be best-friends with the hot guy that I passed in the hall, and well that’s how it started!

Things weren’t easy, no relationship ever is, especially being in high school, but somehow we made it work. Fast forward another 2-ish years and we graduated high school, madly in love. Our senior year I won Miss Ware County High School, and with that comes responsibilities, like riding in the Christmas Parade. I had it all planned out, I was going to get all dolled up and we were going to take pictures for our 2 year anniversary. Nothing big, just a few cute pictures to have for memories. Well boy did he have something else in mind. He was so animate about us taking pictures and insisted that I got my nails done (which I don’t do—at all) and insisted that everything had to be perfect. So, I call my best-friend Peyton, and she agrees to take a few pictures for us…by this time I had an inkling of an idea of what would soon happen. So here is the big day, December 5, 2015, we take a few pictures and then a few more. Then, all of the sudden he stops as we are walking down this drive way and FLING, there goes the ring…right into the grass! I laugh a little and then freak out at the fact that this was happening! We were ENGAGED!!

Fast forward to 2017, July to be exact, and here we are…the happiest day of our lives, our wedding day! The night before, he went off with his friends (to do who knows what), and I went off with Peyton (my maid of honor) on an adventure at midnight to see her beau, to not sleep at all, and then drive back the next morning to get married, 2 hours away! The night was crazy, for both of us, but we were doing crazy things with our best-friends and we couldn’t have been happier! Anyways, the morning comes and I’m in full blown bride mode, worrying about everything and anything, and trying not to stress out too much. The details of the day are a little blurry, but I can say this for sure…I have never been more nervous, happy, excited, stressed, shaking, or crying more than the moment that I stepped into the aisle to walk down to my husband. I cried, and laughed a lot during our ceremony. Brother Danny Callahan made us feel so comfortable, and talked to us like we were the only people in the entire room. He made us laugh and cry, and it wasn’t a pretty cry either.. I had plum snot coming out of my nose J but it was special and it was us, and that is all that matters. I was officially Mrs. Barber and I couldn’t have been happier than I was in that moment.

Christa Hood is an amazing person, mom, and photographer. She has been with us through our entire relationship, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to take photos of us on our big day! This photos truly show who we are and the love that we share between us, and our family. Thank you so much Christa! We love you dearly!