Greyson Eli is here!

.Greyson Eli was my first 'planned' c-section and i have to say i loved it!  Hunter and Mikey were both expecting a BIG baby so the doctor wanted to prevent any complications.  Hunter went in got ready and never once seemed worried or nervous.  As they take her back to be prepped for surgery Mickey, her mother and myself were left in another room to get in our sterile suits.  Everything went perfect!  The doctor told Hunter she is about to feel a lot of pressure as they pull Greyson out and Hunter is just smiling.  She handled it like a trooper.  Once she heard that sweet cry thats when the tears started. Nothing is more precious than getting to witness a babys first cry and nothing is sweeter than seeing the flood of emotions on a first time moms face.  Greyson made his appearance weighing in a at 8lbs even!  He is perfectly beautiful and has his moms little button nose.  Thank you both Hunter and Mikey for letting me be a part of your special day.