I was fortunate to have an amazing farther! Though he may not be blood he IS MY DADDY! I wouldn’t trade him for the world he has taught me qualities in a man that I admire. This is where my sweet husband comes in. He spoils me rotten and loves me unconditionally and i know he will do the same for Ayden. We have been together 8+ years and i love him more than he will ever know. He has pushed my like no other, gives me goals, and supports me with my dreams but something happened i wasn't prepared for though. I wasn’t prepared for the way I felt when I first seen him hold our baby boy. I knew theoretically he would want to hold him of course but the look in his eyes as he took in the fresh innocence of the little human our love made was a whole knew thing to me. Watching him hold our baby, a new love swelled inside me. The kind of love that at that time it was no longer me and him but the THREE of us and he would do all he could to protect us and provide for us. I pray I never forget the shock of this love. That I can hold on to it forever. I pause and listen to him talking and cooing to our little man, or watch him scoop his little body up so gently to comfort him with those vary biceps I admired so much in highschool now being so gentle with under the weight of what our love created. Its amazing how something so little can change the world and you love it. I love watching Ayden stare at his daddy trying to figure out who this fluffy man is. I cant wait to watch them playing ball together out in the yard, learning to ride the horses, and playing in the mud puddles and doing all the things little boys do with their dads. We are blessed beyond measure and Kody deserves the world! Happy first fathers day Kody! Ayden and I love you!!

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