Arabella Mae Lee

On the early morning of February 13th, 2017 Nate and I had an early start as we were set to arrive for an induction at 6:00 am. Walking out the door at approximately 5:45, My mom, Nate and I were off to start the big day that we have anxiously awaited for the past 9 months! Pulling in Wayne Memorial parking lot, we finally make our way to labor and delivery! As usual I am sent back first for paperwork etc. and then situated into triage room #2 while being asked the thousands of questions that come with child birth As soon as that is finished they allow Nate and my mother to enter the room and the fun begins. My doctor, Dr. Majors, decided that we should start me on cytotec at 7:00. They would originally do half of a pill every 4 hours equaling 2 whole. However, as soon as they gave me the first half labor wasn't too far off. By 10:30 I went from 2 cm dilated to 4, which was when they transferred me to delivery room #2. I was pretty uncomfortable by this time as the contractions where just now starting to get fairly strong. So of course, I asked to wait as long as I could to receive the epidural. Although I waited until 6cm dilated, It seemed as if as soon as I said that I was begging for it minutes later! Nate was doing his absolute best to comfort me, but if you've given birth, or at the least seen one, you know just how successful that was. When the doctor came in to do the epidural my nerves where shot to say the least, I was terrified. With my son I was in pain medication so I wasn't as aware, whereas I did not allow them to give ANY pain medication (other than the epidural of course) this time. As soon as he administered it I felt a shock go down my right leg, and I screamed," You just paralyzed me!" Of course that was a good laugh for everyone else as they tried to reassure me that was normal. So they told me to wiggle my toes, and to my surprise they wiggled.. Soon after that I was shockingly already 8cm dilated and the nurse went and informed the Dr. and then nurse returned to check 10-15 minutes later tops, and I was 10 and ready to push! Nate and mom, and I of course couldn't believe how fast it went! Thank goodness Nate already done my makeup for me about 4 cm prior, so I was ready to go, and so was she!! I asked for a Mirror so I could watch the entrance of my beautiful baby girl, my thinking it would be a tiny hand held mirror, little did I know it would be a huge stand up mirror, so I wouldn't miss a thing! The pushing began and just like her brother she was stuck under my bone, so it took a little over 30 minutes to get her from under it and around another 45 minutes of the most tiring, long pushes EVER and then Miss Arabella made her way at exactly 2:01 pm weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces, and 21 inches long.

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