Mr and Mrs Knight!

Zach literally walked in the doors of my church. He came in with his sister (which at the time I thought they were dating) but once I figured out they In fact were not, I quickly called dibs. We became friends almost instantly. His contagious smile and funny/sweet personality drew me in. A few weeks after they were regularly attending our church we had a family night with games and food and fellowship. I was sitting next to my best friend we were watching Zach like the teenage girls we were gawking over the guy i liked. Just watching the way he opened doors for people, put himself last, and was the perfect gentlemen gave me the last puzzle piece I needed in deciding if one day....I would marry that man. We started dating probably 3 months after that and we were inseparable. From that very first day he stole my heart, and I happily gave it to him. We dated 2 & 1/2 years before he enlisted in the USMC. He left for boot camp two weeks before my birthday and I thought that I just might die lol. I wrote him everyday for a month and a half when one day I got a call from his mom. She said Zach had broken his hip and is going into surgery in SC and they are driving up as we spoke. In that moment I think I realized just how important Zach was to me because I myself have never felt the way I did after that phone call about any one else in this world. I pretended I was a NASCAR driver and made it to the hospital 20 after he went into surgery. So we waited and waited and waited. I finally got to see him and I will remember that moment forever. They quickly shoved me out of the hospital because I was not "family." That was the last time I saw Zach for almost another nine months. He came back right in the middle of my 2 month long mission trip to Haiti. But, that day when I came home just might have been the second best day of my life. Almost a month after that my whole family went out to eat for my birthday and we are opening gifts and I turn around and he is on one knee asking me to marry him. I actually forgot to give him an answer due to all the excitement but he already knew my answer. Three months of planning and the big day was here. That day will forever be in my book as the most perfect day of all time. I got to marry my best friend and the one who makes me laugh uncontrollably.....everyone needs a Zach in there life! /react-text EndFragment