Kannon Lehi Hood is here!

Kory and Chelsey’s day with me began when I got the call that her contractions are getting close to get there soon. Chelsey already spent the night thereat the hospital as the nurses tried to get her to dilate and prepare her for her pitocin in the morning. I got there and Chelsey still had a good ways to go. She was only 2cm. Thankfully they already gave her the epidural so when I arrived she was trying to rest. In the meantime, Kory was trying to teach Kortney card tricks and tend to Chelsey when needed. The nurse there was absolutely amazing and was so patient with Chelsey and even

explained everything she was doing for Kory and I. Wayne County Memorial has by far been my favorite hospital to photograph at. They WANT you to get pictures and know how special each little moment is for these mommy’s-to-be. Finally, Chelsey was ready to start pushing. Dr. Majors was so helpful and the nurses were great coaches. For 30 long minutes Chelsey pushed with all her might but Kannon wasn’t budging at all. He was nice and comfy in there. His heart rate started dropping and that’s when we knew he was under distress. Dr. Majors rolled Chelsey on her side to see if that would help him and thankfully it did. Once his heartrate came back up they rolled her back on her back and started pushing some more and still nothing. This is when Dr. Majors asked Chelsey if she gave her permission to get him out via C-section. Of course Chelsey was past tired and wore out and agreed. They let Chelsey tell Kory bye and wheeled her back to the OR. Kory and I suited up and waited what seemed like forever to be called back. In the OR this room is a lot larger than the delivery room and there are nurses everywhere. Once we got in there it seemed to not take long at all before I seen Kannon’s little head being pulled out of his mama’s tummy. He was FINALLY here! Dr. Majors held him up and my first thought was ‘Good grief this youngin is HUGE!’ He looked like a little dough boy of chunky wriggly rolls! I guess he looked so big because Dr. Majors is so little herself. Kannon was blue when they were cleaning him and so they gave him some oxygen and he started to turn nice and pink. Once the nurses got him nice and clean they swaddled him up and handing him over to his daddy. Kory took him straight to Chelsey. She was still being sewed up but at least was able to see him and give him his first kiss. The nurses took Kannon to the nursery to have him cleaned up, weighed and fed while they send Chelsey to recovery. During this time Kory got to show Kannon to his fans who were waiting at the nursery window. Kannon sure did shock us all weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 inches long! He is a big boy. Chelsey got to see him and be with him an hour later and of course she was head over heels in love with him. Thankfully mama and baby are both doing great and healthy!