Welcome to the TRIAL of my blog!

Thanks for visiting the trial of my blog. As you all know I stay extremely busy and not sure if I will be able to keep this thing up to date as planned. With that being said I have full intentions to keep you updated as best as I possibly can.

With these blogs I would like to show you how I see the world through my eyes. I want these photos to capture the moments that sweep you off your feet. Whether is through the woods, wading through the river, walking is murky water or shooting in creepy old buildings my goal is to capture your vision! We will trek this journey together to tell a story that is perfectly and uniquely ALL YOURS!

I will be adding a majority of my BIG sessions here. Sessions such as weddings, seniors, and first moments. This will let me introduce to you the models behind the camera and tell you more about them and their lives.

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